Let’s use design to create a better world. Let’s build those designs out of the patterns and lessons that nature shares with us. Designers have always looked to nature for inspiration but it’s time we apply the design lessons and patterns nature uses, patterns that reduce waste and function simply and elegantly to our built environment and the world at large.

Now is the time the solve our problems with natural solutions. This is the time to answer engineering questions, to guide scientific research, and to shape the world in ways that amplify the abundance found in nature while creating a new paradigm.It’s time we use design to move beyond the stale ideas of sustainability and create a regenerative world where we can all live in abundance.

Photography by WDO Photography Graphic Design by WD OrkoskeyWeb Design by WD OrkoskeyPermaculture Design by WD Orkoskey



My photography focuses on the relationship between you, my client, and your environment. Even with studio portraits I’m ecologically minded. My understanding of how light interacts with you and the objects in my camera and how patterns are created inform my work. Your portrait is more natural when you’re more comfortable and at ease, understanding how the camera can’t be ignored but must factor in as part of their overall experience allows me to not waste time trying to get you to pretend it’s not there. It’s often a central player in your experience and one that you may be less than comfortable around.

I will work with you to teach you how to be calm, relaxed, and to interacting with the camera in a more natural way. My clients (especially children) are encouraged to explore behind the camera, to share what they like to see in themselves and in other photos, I’m not afraid to go in front of the camera, to stand in between the camera and you, and to demonstrates how you, and the camera can collaborate rather than compete.


A designer my whole life, my work has evolved as I’ve observed the natural world and how people interact with it. I’ve developed relationships with a wide array of clients in a diverse collection of industries as well as individuals. I’ve studied the world as a professional designer for the last 15 years. I call myself an artist, craftsman, designer, and student, so I am continuously working to perfect my crafts.

Good design cannot be created without an understanding of how it will relate to the world in which it lives. I never create designs in a vacuum so working with me is a collaborative experience where your input guides my expert hand. My knowledge of line, shape, pattern, color, and so forth are powerful tools but they are no good alone. For a good design to be born it requires knowledge of those who will experience it as well as those who have commissioned it.

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